“Entering into coaching is a serious undertaking. It is real rocket fuel for clients who play their part to the full, and it can just plod along for clients who don’t fully understand and play their part. Coaching is so much more than a weekly or fortnightly or monthly chat – an opportunity to get things off one’s chest and gain a new perspective. It is an opportunity to light a fire under one’s career; to transform one’s life, and to live it at a level of effectiveness and satisfaction that one may never have dreamed of. However, gaining the full benefits of coaching is completely up to the client.

This gem of a book is a must-read for everyone who is considering working with a coach. It is an excellent starting point in a journey that will be rich and rewarding in ways you can only imagine.”

Belinda Davies, 2011 President of Coaches and Mentors of South Africa

In the book, the authors clarify what to expect from coaching and the different types of coaching you can explore.

They provide the reader with:

  • Guidelines on finding and choosing a coach.
  • Help in self-assessing your own readiness for coaching.
  • Guidance on how to clarify your goals for coaching.
  • Tips and tools which put you in the driver’s seat in terms of the coaching journey you will be taking.

Penny Abbott and Kathy Bennett are the authors of “A guide for Coachees: How to optimise your personal coaching journey”, published in March 2011 by Knowledge Resources and available from their online bookstore –

Contact the authors through 082 566 8074 or

Author/s: Penny Abbott and Kathy Bennett
ISBN: 9781869221751  |  Publish Date: 11 Mar

Penny Abbott is a founding Partner and Director of MDQ Associates (previously known as Clutterbuck Associates South Africa), a leading consultancy in the support of organisations’ coaching and mentoring programmes. She has a PhD from the University of Johannesburg in Human Resource Management, and M. Phil from the University of Johannesburg in Human Resource Development.

Kathy Bennett is an independent Organisation Development consultant leadership coach. She has a PhD in Coaching from USB-ED, an MA (Professional Coaching) from Middlesex University, an MBL (UNISA), an MA (Professional Coaching) from Middlesex University and  is a faculty member of the business school of the University of Stellenbosch (USB-ED), involved in their Certificate and Masters (M Phil) coaching programmes.