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Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA) is the professional body which seeks to advance the practice of coaching and mentoring. MDQ Associates is proud to have been a founder member of COMENSA since 2006. In 2017, COMENSA launched its training provider certification process, which ensures that companies offering training in the field adhere to certain standards.

MDQ Associates has now registered two programmes with COMENSA and is, therefore, a Registered Training Provider, one of the pioneers of the process. COMENSA has three levels of accreditation for training providers of which the two higher levels (Recognised and Recognised (SAQA)) are appropriate for students who wish to qualify themselves as professional coaches or mentors. The Registered Training Provider Accreditation is appropriate for MDQ Associates because we offer “entry level” training, aimed at people in supervisory, management or executive positions who wish to develop the skills to coach and/or mentor in the workplace in the course of their duties, as part of a structured coaching or mentoring programme put in place by the employer. We conduct our training in partnership with the employer and align it to the specific aims and structure of their particular programme.

The two programmes we have registered are:

  • Performance Coaching for Managers
  • Developmental Mentoring for Managers.

In addition to these, we also offer training for the HR practitioners who have to implement talent management, coaching and mentoring programmes. These three programmes are:

  • Riding the Talent Wave – Conversation-based Talent Management
  • Driving Value through Coaching
  • How to run a successful Mentoring programme.

Contact us now for details of any of these programmes.